Quanto costa un topper: prezzo

When the time comes to buy or replace the old mattress, we find out what the best solutions might be for us. The first thing you often do is see what the market offers, so you can start selecting items suited to your needs.

Many times we tend to underestimate the importance of the mattress, the true undisputed protagonist of the bed system. Each part of the bed system must be selected with care and attention, but a particularly fine evaluation must be made regarding the mattress.

The dear old mattress does not always have to be replaced, but the truth is that with the passage of time even the highest quality mattress tends to lose its main characteristics, perhaps starting to create some discomfort or some small pain when waking up.

Topper: what it is and how it works

The topper could be defined as a rather thin mattress - of different heights - which is placed on top of the mattress.

The advantages of using a topper are different and the truth is that the topper can be very useful both on new mattresses and on slightly older mattresses. Placing a topper on a new mattress allows you to preserve the mattress from wear, external agents and any allergens, which are always rather unpleasant for both adults and children.

Otherwise, deciding to use a topper on an older mattress allows you to extend its life and add greater comfort. Mattresses, in fact, also have an expiry date, but a lot depends on how they are used, how they are cared for, maintained and cleaned: in general, a mattress lasts from 7 to 10 years. Before getting rid of an old mattress, you can try to save it by placing a topper on it, to give a little newfound comfort to those who will use it.

Topper - a solution to many problems

Postponing the mattress change is possible, however to continue enjoying the benefits of a truly restful sleep it is important to put into practice some measures that will make the difference. It is necessary to think about the bed system in its entirety to understand its characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, i.e. those on which you can intervene to rebalance the situation, improving your sleep.

The first step is to take care of the mattress in the best possible way, turning it over and always keeping it clean and sanitized, so as to allow it to maintain its main qualities. After that, it is advisable to use a topper.

The topper is becoming very fashionable in recent years and in fact its usefulness is maximum: on the one hand it allows you to protect the new mattress and on the other it allows you to give new comfort to a mattress that has now reached the end of its life. Sleeping again on a valid surface capable of giving the correct support to the body will no longer be impossible thanks to toppers. But be careful to choose true quality products!

Topper: fashion or true comfort?

We hear more and more often about toppers and it seems that they have become a fashion accessory not to be given up on, indeed, to be demanded, especially in hotels.

In reality, the topper is the answer to different needs, always aimed at seeking the maximum possible comfort. The topper could be considered a real mattress corrector: when a mattress begins to present some defects, losing its original characteristics, the topper can save the situation, guaranteeing the comfort that sleep deserves. Seeing is believing!

To the comfort of the topper it is important to also add its practicality, given by the lightness and transportability of the topper itself: easy to roll up and store, the topper is perfect in any situation and in most cases it is also easy to wash and sanitize in home, using the domestic washing machine. However, be careful to check in advance how to wash the product so as not to risk ruining it by affecting its qualities and main characteristics.

Baldiflex topper: models and prices

Baldiflex is a company that has always dealt with bed systems, paying particular attention to quality and Made in Italy, considered a real plus.

When it comes to toppers, Baldiflex presents its alternatives, in memory foam and available in different thicknesses, which correspond to different costs. Thanks to the presence of practical elastic bands positioned at the four corners of the topper, the accessory can easily be adapted to the mattress.

As regards the prices of Baldiflex toppers, costs start from €89 for toppers 3 cm - 5 cm high; the price then rises for the 6 cm - 7 cm models, reaching €149, up to €179 for the 8 cm - 10 cm toppers.

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