Rete a doghe: come sceglierla, caratteristiche e prezzo

Sleeping well is essential. Everyone knows this, yet there is still someone who does not pay enough attention to the choice of the mattress and all the elements that can in any way influence the quality of sleep. Getting good rest is important for complete health of mind and body. In addition to the mattress and pillow, it is essential to perfectly evaluate the bed base and base: the bed base (slatted for example) is not an accessory to be left out, but an essential component of well-being.

The bed system only works well if all its parts are carefully chosen; the mattress is certainly the part that most interests us, since it is the surface on which we will rest for many years, however it must be remembered that the best mattress in the world, if it is placed on a poor quality base, also loses many of the characteristics for which you purchased it.

When purchasing, if you have the opportunity to personally test the products (always a positive thing), focus on the mattress, but don't forget that it too must rest on a support and that the decision on which support is up to you.

Slatted bed base: characteristics

The slatted base is among the most purchased and is characterized by the presence of wooden slats placed horizontally and fixed on a frame which can be made of different materials. In order to define a quality slatted base, there are some things to consider.

First of all, always tend to choose slatted bases that have no fewer than 28 slats, and that these slats have a space between them of at least 3 cm, because, otherwise, the mattress that will rest on top could lose its support and risk having a shorter life. Last but not least, it could affect your sleep, affecting the quality of the mattress.

The slatted base (double or single) makes almost everyone agree. The truth is that when you have to choose a new bed, if it's a double one, the two people who will share it will have to find a compromise that finds them in harmony. It is not always easy to match the needs of both, because it could happen that the needs of the two are different and this is certainly not a fault. At this point it is necessary to find a product that can suit both of you, so that you can both benefit from rest. Don't despair: it's absolutely possible!

A tip: before closing the purchase, remember that there is always the possibility of making changes in size: do you need the 160 x 200 slatted base or another size? Just ask and you will be satisfied.

Slatted bed base: prices and offers

As with mattresses, it is also a good idea for slatted bases to find the best quality/price ratio in relation to the purchasing power of those who have to buy. Browsing the immense world of the web, you will find offers of various kinds which often involve more or less well-known brands, which highlight products at an affordable price. Looking for the best offers is certainly advisable, but before looking at the price, also evaluate the characteristics and quality of the item you are considering, since it must correspond to your demands as much as possible.

The prices of slatted bases vary, as is easy to imagine, also because there are many aspects that can change from one to another. It's not just about sizes (double, single or queen size) but also about materials, workmanship, structure and finishes.

So, yes to advantageous prices and offers, but spend your time well in comprehensive research of everything, to better understand what you need!

Mattress and base: the winning combination

It often happens that when you wake up you already feel tired. There can be many reasons, and among them is the quality of sleep. Good sleep is the basis of good rest, but it is necessary to have a quality bed.

One of the mistakes that are most frequently made is to think of the bed separately, that is, considering the mattress as unrelated to the base, the base and the pillows. In fact, we must think of the various aspects as a single sleep system, in which everything is essential to guarantee a restful and regenerating sleep.

Choose everything with the utmost care, always starting from your personal needs, so that you can find the answers to all the questions and compose a bed that is most suitable for you.

Slatted base: what to pay attention to when choosing the base of the bed

The bedroom is not just aesthetics made up of colors and furniture materials, but it is a room to be furnished with style, also with an eye to needs, mainly when you buy the bed system complete with everything.

When choosing the base of the bed, the base and the mattress, don't forget that everything must be in harmony, since buying a new super mattress of top quality could be completely useless if it will rest on an old and poor quality slatted base. Conversely, even a slatted base, of excellent workmanship and quality, is of no use if the mattress does not correspond to the needs of those who will sleep on it.

Choosing the slatted base well is also important for your wallet. Purchasing a bed system in line with your needs right away is essential to avoid having to take action after a short while, resulting in back pain, neck pain and nights full of waking up.

Once you have selected the structure of your bed (there are those who want a container bed to make the most of all the spaces, those who prefer feet, those who want a single slatted base without feet, those who want a double bed, and many others options) remember that the common thread that must accompany you in choosing the bed must never overlook the details, even the seemingly most insignificant ones.

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