Dimensioni del letto singolo: materasso e doghe, misure e dimensioni

Buying a new bedroom does not only involve the choice of wardrobe, bedside tables, chest of drawers and various furniture, but also concerns the choice of the bed system, which must be carefully evaluated in order to enjoy maximum comfort.

Single bed: dimensions of mattress and slats

Looking at the size of the bed is one of the primary aspects to take into consideration, although nowadays there are many options to pay attention to. Not only can the double bed boast the possibility of different sizes, but also the single bed, complete with mattress and slats.

Among the different aspects that are able to provide quality sleep, there is also the size of the mattress (and consequently of the slats), since resting on an oversized mattress, especially if too small, may not guarantee correct comfort , leading to problems that will especially affect the neck and back.

Lying on a mattress that is able to accommodate our body without constraints is important and, for this very reason, it is possible to select different mattress sizes when purchasing. So take your time when searching for the bed, because the choice will accompany you for several years.

Single bed: dimensions

Throughout life, the single bed is used by everyone a bit, from when you are a child to adulthood. But how to choose a suitable single mattress? Single mattresses are often also used on double bed bases and it is good to know how to choose them.

First of all, the size factor is essential: a single mattress can generally have two different measurements in both width and length. Here, therefore, the single mattress can be 80 cm or 90 cm wide and 190 cm or 200 cm long, allowing anyone to make the best choice. There are therefore four alternatives: 80 cm x 190 cm, 80 cm x 200 cm, 90 cm x 190 cm or 90 cm x 200 cm.

Measurements defined as "special" are now almost commonplace and all bed manufacturers are able to satisfy requests for changes in the dimensions of mattresses and slats. A piece of advice: rely on industry experts to direct you towards the most suitable products for your needs.

As the size of the mattress varies, the size of the slatted base can also vary, which will thus be able to best support the mattress, completing the bed system. Slatted bases for single beds can therefore be chosen in relation to their size, however it is always good to take all aspects into consideration before proceeding with the purchase.

In Italy the size considered "standard" for a single bed is 80 cm x 190 cm. The size of the mattress must fit perfectly on the slats: a smaller or larger mattress would be unsuitable and may not provide the correct support to the body during rest. Remember that a good bed system is one that guarantees a reduction (or even cancellation in some cases) of pressure on the body as a whole.

Single bed: mattress

Once we have identified the best size for our new mattress, which will coincide with our needs and our height, the time comes to evaluate all the different types of mattresses that exist on the market.

The mattress is certainly one of the things that deserve greater attention when choosing, since it is precisely on the mattress that the quality of our sleep will depend and, as we know, only those who sleep well can count on total well-being of the body and mind. Rest is essential for everyone's life and being able to count on a good ally is fortunate; therefore, the mattress should meet the needs of those who will sleep on it, in order to guarantee comfort and health.

Resting on an incorrectly sized mattress can compromise your entire sleep, affecting your entire day. The solution is to carefully evaluate the length and width of the mattress, starting from our height as the initial data and then developing the finished product.

Single bed: slats

Just like the mattress, the slats must also be carefully selected. Not all foundations are suitable, and finding the best one for us may take some time.

Whether you choose wooden slats or bed base, the important thing is always to be able to aim for a quality item. Because, just as it is true that not everything is suitable for everyone, it is equally true that a good quality bed system guarantees a restful rest aimed at the total well-being of the person.

The bed system is made up of everything that revolves around the world of rest, but the main attention must be paid to mattresses and bases: if one of these two elements is poor, it will tend to lower the possible high quality of the other.

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