Posizioni per dormire: posizione da evitare quando si dorme

The moment of rest is fundamental for physical and mental well-being, and for this reason it is good to pay close attention to the position you assume and the surface on which you lie down.

Sleeping well is essential for leading a healthy life and for this reason the position you adopt when relaxing also plays a primary role.

When sleeping or resting in bed, there are various factors to consider in order to achieve truly useful relaxation and truly quality sleep. If on the one hand it is a priority to take into consideration the entire bed system, on the other hand it is also useful to evaluate the position you assume when sleeping.

Wrong positions for sleeping

According to what has been declared by the most experts in the field of sleep and rest, the least suitable positions for the body are those "on the stomach": sleeping on the stomach would in fact be inadvisable, because the head, the neck, the shoulders and also the back, they would assume a position that is not exactly comfortable and capable, in the long run, of leading to various localized problems or discomfort.

The position on the stomach is the one that least allows the head and neck to enjoy a natural posture, leading in some cases to some unpleasant ailments: when the head and neck are not well aligned, the discomfort is behind the corner and the first thing to do is to reconsider the position you adopt when resting.

Although positions on the stomach are not exactly the most recommended for sleeping, many people adopt them, unable to change them. But there is an advantage to taking this position: all those who like to sleep on their stomach can also do without a pillow. Well yes, sleeping without a pillow is not good for everyone, on the contrary. It is often believed that sleeping without a pillow is a source of benefit, but the truth is that those who sleep on their stomach are the ones who can do it without too many consequences.

Stomach positions (both the one with the left arm under the pillow and the one with the right arm under the pillow) should therefore be avoided, even if many find them particularly comfortable and difficult to abandon. In fact, these are positions that can affect (at different levels) the cervical spine, but also the back and shoulders.

Sleeping positions. Which is the best?

The discussion is open and everyone has their say on which is the best position to promote optimal rest.

Many argue that sleeping in the fetal position, therefore curled up on your side, is ideal especially to prevent your back and neck from being subjected to body pressure. Others, however, believe that the maximum benefit is obtained by sleeping on your back, with your stomach up. Also in this case there would be an alignment of the spine and a consequent quality rest.

Almost everyone agrees to advise against the stomach-down position, which would lead the body to assume unnatural positions for the entire physical structure and which, if continued night after night, could give rise to various problems.

Best sleeping position. How important is the pillow?

The position you assume during the night is fundamental, however, the pillow also deserves some attention, as it is too often chosen hastily and without evaluating its characteristics. Sleeping in a correct position, but using an unsuitable pillow, can be as harmful as sleeping in unnatural positions for the body or part of it.

So how about immediately considering a valid pillow designed for everyday comfort? Memory foam lovers (and not only!) listen, listen: Baldiflex offers numerous options to help you identify the product best suited to your needs. From Mojito memory cushion, to Bros memory cushion, passing through the Fluttuo memory cushion, i memory pillows and gel pillows, soap cushions and orthocervical pillows. In short, you will be spoiled for choice.

Sleeping well: the importance of the mattress

One of the culprits of often ineffective sleep is the mattress. The mattress is responsible for quality rest, even if it needs to be supported by a bed system that is also excellent.

Choosing the mattress is a decision that must not be dictated by haste, because it is an item that lasts for years and if it is not comfortable or suitable for your needs, you risk having to buy it again soon, also spending a considerable overall amount.

Speaking of valid mattresses and quality bed systems, here Baldiflex comes to propose its innovations, both in terms of mattresses and in relation to all the accessories that revolve around the world of rest. From the much appreciated memory foam mattresses to the news in hiGel and latex, all Baldiflex mattresses are created with the aim of giving truly quality rest to anyone choose to use them.

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