Materasso antisoffocamento: come funziona e perché è importante

Expecting a baby is a truly unique emotion. Mum and dad eagerly await the arrival of their puppy and soon begin to prepare everything needed to welcome him in the best possible way.

Cradle and cot are among the first things you think of, but even in the children's bed system, the mattress plays the most important role: the anti-suffocation one for the little ones is defined as the safest.

We don't joke about people's safety, much less that of newborns; when purchasing for children it is a good idea that everything is up to standard and above all that it is suitable for their use, from toys to fabrics, through to body care products and other various objects and accessories.

After preparing what the baby (and mother) will need in the hospital, we start thinking about returning home. What do you prepare in advance? What is better to wait to buy instead? The place dedicated to sleeping must certainly be evaluated in advance: will the little one sleep in the pram/shuttle? Or is it better to buy a cot? Why not opt ​​for a basket or a cot instead? Faced with the question, the mothers' club is divided, as with every topic. If on one side there are those who support one choice, on the other there are those who take the completely opposite side.

However, speaking of cots and cots, a particular consideration must be made about the mattress.

Is it better to choose an anti-suffocation mattress? Why?

Evaluating the purchase of an anti-suffocation mattress is important, as it allows parents to enjoy greater peace of mind, certain that they have chosen the safest product for their child. Unfortunately, one of the risks to which the newborn baby is most exposed is precisely that linked to bedtime: until the child is one year old, you need to pay close attention and follow the directives given to avoid cot death. (SIDS). In this direction, choosing an anti-suffocation mattress can certainly help parents live their children's sleep times more peacefully.

Anti-suffocation mattress. Characteristics and how to recognize it

Becoming (or becoming again) parents is a special moment in life and many times not all couples have the opportunity to take care of everything. As regards the mattress intended for the baby, the solution could be to rely on more expert people, capable of helping in finding the solution to the needs of each family.

The anti-suffocation mattress has different characteristics from a "classic mattress": Baldiflex knows this well, and presents its proposal created with specific characteristics.

  1. It does not contain harmful substances. Harmful substances are not good for anyone, especially children, which is why Baldiflex has completely eliminated them from its anti-suffocation mattresses.
  2. Drilling processing. This is a particular choice of workmanship, which has many empty spots, created specifically for breathability and for the safety of the anti-suffocation. This is the most important feature, the one that differentiates an anti-suffocation mattress from all the others; the empty spaces that the mattress presents along its entire surface are such as to allow the child to breathe even if he were to turn over and remain stuck on his stomach.
  3. Removable cover. The presence of a zip placed along the entire perimeter of the anti-suffocation mattress allows it to be removed with absolute convenience, making washing and sanitizing easier. Not to be overlooked is the possibility of washing the cover directly in the washing machine at 60 degrees.
  4. Convenient and practical. The anti-suffocation mattress is conceived, designed and manufactured with the needs of the little ones completely in mind. It is a comfortable mattress, not too firm but not too soft, resistant, comfortable and of the latest generation.
  5. Made in Italy. Made in Italy is still an added value in many sectors today. The anti-suffocation mattress by Baldiflex is 100% Made in Italy.

The anti-suffocation mattress is among the options most considered by families. Technologies evolve and consequently products become increasingly specific and capable of responding to everyone's needs, especially when the products closely concern the safety and health of children.

Anti-suffocation mattress: prices

Before proceeding with the purchase of an anti-suffocation mattress, it is a good idea to take the time to gather all the information necessary to make the best choice. Studying the characteristics of some items and everything that could be useful in the fateful moment is only positive, because it will make the purchase extremely aware and as correct as possible. The prices of anti-suffocation mattresses, as it is easy to imagine, vary depending on the solution in which they will be positioned: cots, cots, baskets or camping cots have different needs, mainly regarding size. Having said that, an anti-suffocation mattress can range from a price of a few tens of euros, up to exceeding (even by quite a bit) €100. Whatever your spending power, know that it will almost certainly be possible to find the mattress suited to your needs and at the same time in line with your wallet.

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