Futon giapponese e materassi per letto: differenze, vantaggi e prezzo

When the time comes to furnish (or re-furnish) the bedroom, the choice of bed system is essential. Everything should be searched for and selected by looking at every detail and considering every need, in order to avoid hasty and often incorrect or unappreciated purchases.

Of course, wardrobe and bedside tables play an important role for the bedroom and for the management of spaces and wardrobe, however, the right amount of time should also be invested in the bed, because sleeping well is fundamental and is only possible if all the parts that that make up the bed system are chosen with care and attention.

Which bed to buy? Japanese futon or normal bed?

The million dollar question concerns the purchase of the bed and mainly the mattress. Which one to buy? The market offers countless solutions: it is enough to take a tour of the shops and visit the e-commerce sites to enter the immense world of rest, made up of many articles and accessories from which to choose what we like most and which best meets our needs .

But when it comes to rest, you must be careful to scrupulously evaluate every feature before buying the bed system. Starting by evaluating the pros and cons of each possible solution is a good starting point for narrowing down the products to test.

Bed system. The importance of every accessory

As often happens, even when talking about a bed system, it is the details that make the difference. Sleeping well is essential for enjoying health and well-being, but to be able to count on truly restful sleep, all the elements with which the bed system is made come into play.

From bed bases to slats, through cushions, toppers, mattresses and more, each piece holds a position of responsibility. The mattress is fundamental and as such it is necessary to choose it with foresight, to buy what best meets our needs for relaxation and well-being. Once we have defined which mattress is right for us, it is useful to test as many products as possible, with the aim of finding our best rest ally.

As you can imagine, each person has different needs and therefore it is not possible to say which mattress is perfect. Not all mattresses are suitable for everyone, although there are some items which, thanks to their characteristics, have been widely purchased, appreciated and recommended to others. An example? The Mojito memory foam mattress by Baldiflex and elected product of the year 2021.

Japanese futon. What it is and how it works

For some time we have been hearing a lot about the futon, a typical traditional Japanese bed that has traveled around the world and which is still taken into consideration by many today as the ideal sleeping solution and as an alternative to the "classic mattress".

Futon means rolled mattress and it is precisely its versatility that makes it so attractive in the eyes of many, especially those who do not have much space in the bedroom. The futon is generally made of cotton and is rather thin, so that it can be rolled up and moved at any time; over the years futons have met the needs of the market by presenting different thicknesses, in order to meet the needs of many.

In the Japanese tradition, the futon, once opened, is placed on the tatami, a sort of mat that separates the mattress from the floor, but in the modern Western world, the futon is also used on fixed bases and supports, thus always remaining open.

Japanese futon or mattress?

Of course, the Japanese futon is comfortable and practical. Thanks to its structure made entirely from natural materials it is able to adapt to the body perfectly, providing comfort and reducing pressure on joints and muscles. Furthermore, its practicality allows for easy transport and multiple uses: many people also select the futon as a sofa. It all depends on the thickness.

The typical traditional Japanese futon is created with layers of cotton, however in recent times other materials have been tested which have allowed the creation of the futon including latex, wool, coconut fiber and recyclable synthetic fibres.

As for the different materials and fabrics, mattresses are also made in many different ways and each mattress model is designed to meet different needs. The mattress was created to be used exclusively as a surface intended for rest and by choosing the mattress best suited to your needs, comfort is always assured.

Japanese futon and bed system. Design but not only

Very often the choice of futon is linked to an aesthetic aspect of the room: the design is important and also the harmony between the various furnishing accessories, however it is possible to combine comfort, health and beauty. But to do this it is essential to opt for quality products.

The advice, both in case of choosing a futon and in case of preferring a mattress, is to try the products firsthand, since only in this way will you be able to discover the true qualities of the items, with all their pros and possible cons!

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