Letto e scelta del materasso: differenza tra lattice e memory

If until a few years ago the choice between different mattresses was rather limited, today it is possible to choose from many models. Often we even find ourselves in difficulty because there are many options to evaluate and all of them are valid.

It is not always easy to choose a new bed to buy, especially if you are not an expert or if adequate information was not researched beforehand during the selection phase. The advice is generally to let some insider provide an opinion dictated by personal expertise, but always on the basis of the requests made by the customer, in order to satisfy him.

Differences between mattresses: which one to buy?

Faced with the wide range of mattresses that the market offers, it is easy to feel disoriented: the first thing to do to start choosing a definitive mattress is to get as much information as possible, perhaps by reading up well, searching for the necessary information via the web , or by asking those who have made a profession out of bed systems.

After having made the right considerations on the characteristics of various mattresses, the time comes to test comfort, the most important aspect of all, since the bed must first of all be comfortable and provide perfect relaxation.

Whatever mattress you choose, it is essential that it is comfortable and suited to your needs.

Latex mattresses or memory mattresses?

Lately, memory foam mattresses are quite common and also very fashionable, but the truth is that not everyone considers them comfortable or suitable for their needs.

There are differences between memory and latex, but the two different mattress paddings also share a characteristic that should not be underestimated: both, memory and latex, have the advantage of guaranteeing valid support for the body as a whole.

Both memory and latex are capable of supporting the body perfectly, guaranteeing comfort and well-being, since the pressure on the body is practically eliminated, allowing those who rest to have perfect alignment of the spine and to assume a correct position during the exercise. entire sleep.

Differences between latex and memory

Although they can both be defined as excellent products, it is good to differentiate the two types of mattresses.

  • Latex mattresses. Whether it is made of natural latex or not, the latex mattress has elasticity, support and freshness as its main characteristics. Particularly suitable for those who wish to rest on a surface that is always breathable, latex mattresses are also anti-mite and hypoallergenic, therefore also perfect for allergy sufferers and the little ones. The welcoming feeling that the latex mattress gives is much appreciated by those who have chosen it as a sleeping solution, just as the ability of latex to always keep the body in an optimal position for joint and muscle health is very welcome.
  • Memory foam mattresses. Just like latex mattresses, memory foam also exists in different versions: memory mattresses, however, have the same qualities, which mainly concern the great adaptability of the memory to the curves created by the body, but also thermoregulation and support. No less important to underline is that memory mattresses can also guarantee maximum hygiene for everyone, even for those who are allergic or particularly sensitive to dust mites.

Memory mattresses and latex mattresses: the Baldiflex proposals

The Baldiflex company deals with bed systems and mattresses are the flagship product of the entire catalogue. Among the many proposals that Baldiflex offers its customers, the special technologies and quality materials used to create all the brand's products stand out.

  • Baldiflex memory foam mattresses. As regards memory foam mattresses, Baldiflex proudly presents the Mojito models, available in different sizes and different heights, so that everyone can find the characteristics they consider most in line with your needs and desires. The Mojito mattresses feature the use of an innovative Superflex HD foam, excellent for providing pleasant freshness and valid support to the body during the entire duration of the rest. Furthermore, it should be underlined that all the raw materials used are hypoallergenic and anti-mite, Oeko-Tex certified.
  • Baldiflex latex mattresses. In the section dedicated to latex mattresses, however, Baldiflex inserts two products: the Natura Eco 18 latex mattress and the Natura Eco 25 mattress in latex and coconut fibre. These are two products that boast a great ability to adapt to the body, providing comfort and breathability, but without forgetting, also in this case, support for the body in its entirety. The addition of coconut fiber to the Natura Eco model gives the mattress greater breathability and even stronger support, as it creates an area with high air circulation inside the mattress itself.

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