Rivestimento per materasso: quale scegliere, opinioni e prezzo

Buying new furniture or replacing the old one is always exciting, even if there are many details to pay attention to, since they are precisely the ones capable of making the difference.

When we focus on the bedroom, attention is always focused on the furniture and bed, understood as the mattress and slats, overshadowing important accessories that would instead be appropriate to define right away. An example? The mattress cover.

Many times we think about the mattress only when we have to move house and therefore furnish it from scratch, or when ours is too old to be used anymore.

The truth is that the mattress is very important for living healthy and for this reason it is necessary that it is selected with care and attention, to avoid unpleasant discomfort that mattresses that are not suited to our needs can cause.

The entire bed system is therefore essential to be able to rest well and enjoy quality sleep. After all, it's no secret to anyone that sleeping well is the basis of a daily life full of energy and full of well-being.

Mattress cover. Why buy it and what is it for

Buying a quality mattress is the first step to rest on a valid surface designed to counteract any unpleasant discomfort and pain in the neck, back and joints, but it is not sufficient, because the entire bed system in its entirety plays a role fundamental in everyone's sleep.

Purchasing a mattress cover is important because it helps preserve the qualities of the mattress itself, protecting it from any external agents that can damage it in the long run. It is an accessory that can be washed and which can be a real added value to the mattress, thanks to its many features.

There are many models of mattress coverings and you will be spoiled for choice: the advice is to select the right item by looking at the needs of those who will sleep on it, since not all types of covering are suitable for all needs. Everything that revolves around the bed system deserves a little more effort to be selected, in order to find exactly the item that answers the user's questions. It may take a little extra time, but it will be worth it.

Mattress covering: Baldiflex's proposals

Those who produce and/or distribute mattresses (or bed systems in general) know this well, people choose products related to rest with the aim of solving any problems they may have had up to that point and caused, most likely, by from a mattress or bed base (or slats) no longer capable of supporting and providing quality sleep.

Baldiflex, in addition to dealing with mattresses, is also an expert company in items considered accessories, but which are extremely important for a perfect and complete bed system. Baldiflex mattress covers can be purchased together with the mattress, but also separately. The advice is to buy a mattress cover after having carefully taken the measurements of the mattress itself: remember that you will have to add approximately 2 cm to the cover for an optimal size.

It will be enough to take a tour of the Baldiflex website to see the different opportunities for purchasing mattress coverings offered by the brand; from the Silver Safe mattress cover, to the Aloe Vera mattress cover, through to the Maxicool mattress cover. Just a few clicks will suffice to see which ones are available in versions for a single mattress, for a double mattress and for a queen-size mattress.

  • Mattress covering in Silver Safe.
    It is a product that features a fabric made with the addition of pure silver particles which give particular characteristics to the mattress covering: this type of fabric has antistatic and antimicrobial properties, making it also perfect for conserving the heat produced by the body and disperse it outside.
  • Mattress covering in Aloe Vera.
    The properties of aloe vera are known and are very often combined with products dedicated to the bed system: mattresses, pillows, mattress covers and mattress coverings can in fact contain aloe vera. The properties of aloe vera are numerous, from soothing to hydrating to anti-inflammatory: aloe vera is highly appreciated in many sectors, including that which deals with bed systems.
  • Mattress covering in Maxicool.
    Perfect for those who particularly suffer from the heat during the summer months, the Maxicool mattress covering is able to give a pleasant sensation of freshness, thanks to its ability to disperse heat, in favor of a dry coolness that is greatly desired during the hottest nights of the year.

Whatever your idea of ​​mattress covering, you will surely find the one that best meets your needs; always remember to demand the best relationship between quality and price, relying on those who are perhaps more experienced and can give the right advice on the matter.

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