Topper per materasso matrimoniale: a cosa serve, dimensioni e opinioni

Sleeping well is the basis of well-being of body and mind, everyone knows this by now. But how do you sleep well? What can we do to improve our sleep if the mattress we are using is no longer comfortable? An idea could be the topper for the mattress: double or single, depending on your needs.

One of the purchases to be made with particular attention is that of the mattress: too important to be bought in a hurry, the mattress accompanies us for years and for this reason it deserves to be evaluated with care and attention. Not only the mattress, but every part of the bed system must be selected considering everything.

To avoid the risk of regretting it shortly after purchasing the mattress, it is a good idea to choose between different models, materials and types. However, the first step is to be clear about the rest needs of those who will sleep on a particular mattress. To answer the question it is essential to understand what type of surface is most suitable for our rest and consequently consider the various proposals.

Mattress topper: what is it?

The topper is a mattress designed to be positioned between the mattress and mattress cover and can be of different heights : a standard topper has a height that varies from 3 cm to 10 cm. It is a mattress that boasts light padding and is used when the mattress is no longer comfortable or starts to cause annoying back and neck problems.

So when the mattress on which we rest can no longer guarantee correct relaxation, it is possible to use a topper to make the mattress more comfortable. Perhaps not everyone knows of its existence, but the topper is very useful for those who want to feel more pampered by their mattress, being able to count on an accessory capable of giving a pleasant sensation during the moment of rest.

The topper for the mattress is not just a mattress, but can become a real ally of relaxation that you can no longer do without. If you think you no longer feel too comfortable in your bed and the mattress is to blame (perhaps no longer too recent), before replacing it you could consider the idea of ​​purchasing a topper for the mattress, so as to still give your old one a chance. mattress, transforming it into a useful piece of furniture that you will find difficult to give up.

Why use a mattress topper?

Those who don't know the topper and hear about it for the first time, first of all wonder why they should use it. The truth is that everyone deserves to rest well and this is where an important player like the topper comes into play, created to make the mattress even more comfortable. Whether it is single, double or queen-size, the bed can accommodate the topper without problems. Here are some benefits that can be found by using a topper.


  • Comfort. The topper can make your bed even more welcoming and comfortable, as it provides a softness particularly appreciated by those who love to sleep on a pleasant and soft surface. What makes the topper a must-have object is its comfort, but also whether it can be used or not, depending on needs. In case someone prefers a less soft mattress, simply remove the topper and that's it!
  • Wellbeing. The topper will prove to be an excellent ally in case of physical discomfort. In fact, it could happen that you start to suffer from back pain or neck pain (more or less severe) and consequently need to rest on a softer surface. If you don't intend to replace your entire bed system, just by purchasing the topper you will be able to satisfy your needs, making the bed perfect for you with ease. The topper is perfect even when the double bed is made up of two different mattresses, often chosen because the couple's sleep needs do not always match: in this case the topper is useful to have the sensation of resting on a single mattress matrimonial.
  • Practicality. The topper is practical and easy to handle and is easy to place on the mattress even by just one person. It is a useful product to take on holiday too, so you never have to give up quality sleep.

Mattress topper: how to choose it and what characteristics it must have

Even when it comes to mattress toppers, quality is always to be sought, at least trying to focus on the product that has the best quality/price ratio.

On average, a good mattress topper is about 5 cm high, but the truth is that the heavier the person who will lie on the bed, the greater the thickness of the topper should be, so as to better accommodate the body and provide the right support and proper rest.

The choice of a memory foam mattress topper is very common, as it gives a comfortable sensation and aims to support the body in its entirety, relieving any pressure that could cause unpleasant discomfort when waking up.

Whatever your choice regarding the topper for your mattress, always keep in mind that comfort and well-being must come first! Then make room for the many tests: only by testing them will you be able to find the product best suited to your needs. Trust the most experts in the field and you will discover that you can choose from a wide range of toppers to make the mattress perfect and extremely comfortable.

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