Materassi a molle insacchettate: guida all'acquisto, caratteristiche e prezzo

When the day comes when you need to buy a new mattress, you discover that before proceeding with the purchase it is necessary - or at least advisable - to find various information.

You will gain a real knowledge of mattresses. Nowadays there are various models of mattresses and each one brings with it pros and cons. For years we have been talking almost exclusively about memory foam mattresses, but what do we know about pocket spring mattresses? What are the advantages of buying them?

First of all, it is best to always put the needs of those who will rest on the mattress at the top of everything, since it is only by having a clear understanding of what you are looking for that you can make the best choice in terms of mattresses.

However, not everyone who is looking for a new mattress knows that the choice is wide and this could also confuse things a little, especially at the beginning.

Pocket spring mattresses: what they are

The pocket spring mattress owes its name to its structure. In fact, it contains individual springs, each independent of the others and sewn inside its "fabric pocket". This means that inside a pocket spring mattress, the springs work completely independently of each other, so as to allow the mattress to provide the sleeper's body with excellent support to relieve pressure.

In a certain sense one could say that the pocket spring mattress presents itself as the evolution of the classic spring mattress, to which are added quality and innovative features aimed at guaranteeing excellent rest and an extremely comfortable surface. Seeing is believing!

Pocket spring mattresses: pros and cons

Once you understand how a pocket spring mattress is structured, it is essential to study whether it is the most suitable solution or whether it is better to opt for a different model. There are no models that are better than others, but only responses to different needs.

In the pro column, it is certainly possible to include body support, which is definitely valid with a pocket spring mattress.

But the pocket spring mattress should not be chosen only for the support it provides to the body, as it is also excellent to take into consideration for its high elasticity, useful for adapting very well to the body, so as to favor uniform support in all areas.

No less important is the concept of breathability: the pocket spring mattress guarantees moisture dispersion, giving a truly high quality of sleep.

Furthermore, pocket spring mattresses are ideal for all those who want their mattress to feel solid. But be careful: according to many experts there must be more than 1,000 springs in order to define a pocket spring mattress as a quality product.

Defining the cons of these mattresses is certainly more difficult. It is important to underline that everyone finds their own comfort and personal solution in different products.

A drawback of the pocket spring mattress is the purchase of poor quality items, as they could lead to the deformation of some springs, which over time would create curves on the mattress that are anything but comfortable and healthy.

Having said that, it is good to highlight that there is no better or worse product (should I choose a pocket spring mattress or a memory mattress? This is the most frequently asked question) because everything revolves around the needs of the single, single true point of interest when searching for the perfect mattress.

Pocket spring mattresses: prices

When you move to buy a mattress you know that the amount can fluctuate between a few hundred euros and up to over a thousand euros, however it is good to take into consideration the fact that by relying on experts in the sector it will still be possible to identify an item that can boast a price suitable for everyone's pocket.

In terms of quality it is not always said that to have an excellent product you have to pay a lot, but it is true that the price must be in line with the qualities offered. For a pocket spring mattress that can be defined as quality, always consider, among other features, the number of springs, as well as the price.

Pocket spring mattresses: opinions

Our choices are often governed by the reviews we find online. The evaluation that other users make of a certain product or a certain service unconsciously leads to the creation of an expectation or a predetermined judgment.

This applies to everything, from restaurants to telephony, from gyms to hotels, in short, everything is the subject of feedback, often made public (albeit anonymous) via the web.

Certainly this presents itself as a positive and negative value at the same time, because not all of us have the same yardstick, but above all each of us has different needs, in every sector.

This also and above all applies to the world of mattresses; there are mattresses of all kinds, but what is good for a guy does not necessarily have to be good for a guy or a guy. The secret is in fact to listen to the various opinions, but to then choose with awareness of your needs.

How to choose the mattress?

The key word is comfort. Resting well is a need and providing high-quality rest is the mission of all manufacturers and retailers of mattresses and accessories related to the world of sleeping.

When choosing a new mattress, on the one hand there are those who do their research first, looking for models and features on various sites and becoming an expert (certainly a neophyte) on the topic; search for brands, models, prices, opinions and any type of information that could be useful when making a purchase.

On the other hand there are those who prefer to rely on experts and ask for information starting from needs and requirements. Everyone takes the path they prefer!

There is no right way to approach the purchase of a mattress, because the only important thing is to find the right product, and if it is also guaranteed and Made in Italy, even better!

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