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Latex is one of the most used materials for making mattresses. It is also one of the first choices when purchasing, probably due to its many advantages. So why buy a latex mattress?

First of all, it is good to highlight that when you buy a latex mattress you may find yourself faced with different products. Mattresses, in fact, can be made entirely of natural latex, synthetic latex, or a mix of the two types.

When you have to choose between multiple types of latex, the suggestion we tend to give customers is to consider a mattress made entirely of natural latex, which should only be avoided by those who are allergic to it.

Latex is a natural material, born from the collection of the sap of rubber trees: what results is a milky white substance which is highly elastic and for this reason is used for the production of rubber and other products , including mattresses. There are two ways to turn rubber sap into latex foam: Dunlop and Talalay, both of which are used to create latex mattresses.

Latex mattress: why buy it?

The advantages of purchasing a latex mattress are various and are worth taking into consideration when making a purchase.

  1. Goodbye mites, molds and fungi! Latex mattresses have great health benefits: they are resistant to mites, mold and fungi and have several hypoallergenic properties which make them perfect for allergy sufferers. The latex mattress will therefore tend not to attract dust mites or other harmful substances, which, in addition to disturbing sleep, could compromise the life of the mattress.
  2. Comfort. Latex mattresses are able to guarantee maximum comfort, allowing you to rest perfectly, relieving and preventing neck and back discomfort. The support provided by latex mattresses is great for those who suffer from back pain and joint pain. Furthermore, latex responds very well to body weight: a latex mattress naturally has the ability to give an elastic, almost bouncy sensation and this means that by testing the product you will immediately feel the relief from the pressure, without having that feeling of sinking. in the mattress.
  3. Maintenance. Latex mattresses do not require particular maintenance beyond ordinary cleaning. The ideal would be to buy a mattress with a removable cover, so as to be able to remove and wash the cover with absolute ease. Regarding the maintenance of the mattress, it is important to always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Remember that it is very important to turn your latex mattress often: it would be ideal to do this once every 3 months or so to prevent the mattress from taking the shape of the body and it is necessary to air the mattress itself in all its parts. Making sure that the bedroom is aired daily is important, both for the health of those who live there and for the mattress, which will live longer by avoiding any forms of humidity, which are always unpleasant.
  4. Duration. Latex is one of the most resistant materials that exist. Therefore latex mattresses often have a longer guarantee which corresponds to a long life of the mattress itself. The higher the density of the latex, the longer the mattress will last. The advice is to take care of your mattress, ensuring correct maintenance.
  5. Ecological. Natural latex mattresses are made using 100% natural latex. So by buying an eco-friendly mattress you will also be supporting the environment, which never hurts!

Latex mattresses are available in different types of firmness, so as to be able to meet all the needs that customers may have. The truth, in fact, is that the mattress is a very difficult product to choose.

Although there is a wide variety of proposals, extrapolating only those that may be suitable for your needs is often complex.

How to clean a latex mattress?

Cleaning the latex mattress is not as difficult as it might seem and the products to use can be found in practically everyone's home. The advice of the experts is not to use products that are too aggressive, to avoid damaging the mattress, compromising its quality and durability. Many people advise against using steam, but it all depends on the mattress. However, always ask the seller how best to proceed with cleaning. For a good cleaning of the latex mattress you can use sodium bicarbonate dissolved in a little warm water or, alternatively, you can clean the mattress with a cloth soaked in water and lemon. Let the bicarbonate rest for about 15 - 20 minutes on the deepest stains and then proceed to remove the bicarbonate by vacuuming it. The advice is to do this work early in the morning, so as to give the mattress time to dry as best as possible before sleeping on it again.

Latex mattress: prices

One of the most painful notes is that linked to the price. How much does a latex mattress cost? Is it true that you have to spend a lot to get a good quality mattress? Obviously the price is different depending on the size of the mattress, but the good news is that for a good quality mattress, the price is well below 1,000 euros. It is then possible to view the many offers that are often found on the websites of mattress manufacturers and distributors, in order to identify a model suited to our needs and, why not, at a discounted price. Once you have identified the offer, before proceeding with the purchase, always remember to check the characteristics and qualities of the mattress you are buying, because your well-being also revolves around rest. If the mattress is right for you, then your body and mind will also benefit from it. Evaluate the feedback from other users, friends, relatives and colleagues, but make the final decision yourself so as not to regret the choice made in a flash!

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