come riscaldare il letto senza riscaldamento

How to heat the bed without turning on the radiator?

How to heat the bed without turning on the radiator? Italy is going through a severe cold wave and this is just the beginning, temperatures will co...
Come distinguere un vero materasso ortopedico da uno falso

How to distinguish a real orthopedic mattress from a fake one

How to distinguish a real orthopedic mattress from a fake one Good rest is the way to good health, happiness and good mood. An orthopedic mattress ...
Come scegliere una poltrona da salotto e come pulirla

How to choose a lounge chair and how to clean it

A small compendium of the aspects to take into consideration when purchasing an armchair, from dimensions to shape to technical characteristics and design, combined with our maintenance and cleaning advice.
Lenzuola con angolo: dove trovarle, come metterle, come lavarle

Fitted sheets: where to find them, how to put them and how to wash them

There are few who love household chores. Of course, there are some jobs that weigh less, others that some define as relaxing or fun, but the truth ...
Materassi on-line: consigli per comprare un materasso matrimoniale

Mattresses online: advice for buying a double mattress

Nowadays everything is bought online, from clothing to food, through to telephones, household appliances and yes, even mattresses. In short, absolu...
Peso del materasso matrimoniale: quanto deve pesare e che caratteristiche deve avere

Double mattress weight: how important is weight and why

Sleeping well is the basis of the well-being of each of us, but not everyone can state with certainty that they rest on the right surface: in fact,...
Completi dei letti matrimoniali: consigli sulla scelta della biancheria da letto

Double bed sets: advice on choosing bed linen

If choosing the perfect mattress and consequently the best bed system requires time, patience and attention, purchasing bed linen is certainly easi...
Lenzuola in cotone percalle: caratteristiche e materiale

Percale cotton sheets: characteristics of this material

Once we have purchased the perfect bed system, the one that best meets our health and well-being needs, the time comes to think about bed linen, wh...
Materassi migliori: consigli sulla scelta del materasso

Better mattresses: advice on choosing your new mattress

The moment of night sleep is one of the most important for the body and the mind. Sleeping well is essential to enjoy complete well-being, but to s...
Vendite materassi Baldiflex: tutti i tipi di materasso

Mattress sales: all types of mattresses on Baldiflex

Anyone looking for a new mattress knows it well: there are many models of mattresses and bed systems on the market and choosing the one best suited...

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